#StackBounty: #windows-10 #citrix #citrix-receiver Windows Mapped Network Drive Does not show linux dotfiles

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I connect to a VDI machine via Citrix. This is a dedicated VDI.
I connect on my physical Mac Machine running MacOs 10.14.4

The VDI machine is running windows 10 and it automatically has my Host machine drive mapped (The Mac drive).

In the Windows VDI, I navigate to a folder on the mapped network drive (Mac) but it does not show any file/folder that starts with . such as .git folder or .content.xml file.

Presumably because dotfiles are treated as hidden and MacOs does not report them to windows?

I have tried this and this

I have also naviaged to the directory in CMD and tried dir and same result, no dotfiles show.

Any help is appreciated!

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