#StackBounty: #windows #smartcard Windows: how to disable scanning of Smart Cards

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Under Windows (at least, 8 and 10), when a Smart Card is inserted in a PC/SC Smart Card reader, something in the OS typically issues Select commands (C-APDUs starting in 00 A4) to the Smart Card, as part of scanning for certificates for automated logon.

How can this scanning be avoided, without disabling the SCardSvr service responsible for PC/SC? This scanning can be an issue when the Smart Card is unable to process the Select command and becomes inoperable (for some reason like being in a debug mode).

I’m aware that under gpedit.msc, Computer configuration, Administration templates, Windows components, Smart Card, setting Enable Plug and Play Smart card Service to Disabled avoids recognition of Smart Cards as plug-and-play devices. It however does not disable said scanning.

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