#StackBounty: #plugin-development #jquery #block-editor jQuery selectors for editor elements safe to use?

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Let’s say I want to monitor all the editor blocks. In the standard editor (5.2.2) I can just select the blocks with e.g. $(“div.wp-block”). Will this work across plugins etc or will some plugins alter the editor blocks class/id?

In other words, are there plugins/page builders, etc that alter the DOM structure so that the blocks do not have the “wp-block” class?

I am worried that if the user, for example, uses a plugin that alters how the editor looks/works will break this jQuery select for me?

If using jQuery selectors to get the editor block will not work in some cases, what would be a better approach to do this? I just need to monitor all text users enter in the editor blocks and match to certain keywords.

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