#StackBounty: #debian #ethernet #home-networking Diagnosing a slow in-home ethernet connection when other connected devices are working…

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I have an Intel NUC connected directly to my router by a short Ethernet cable, running Debian 9. According to speedtest-cli, it’s getting about 4mbps up and down, roughly symmetric. Meanwhile, most devices on the network (all connected via WiFi) are getting in the neighborhood of 150 up and 25 down.

My first thought was obviously that the cable might be defective. I swapped it out and nothing improved. I then hooked the old one up to my personal laptop and got a perfectly acceptable speed through it. I then installed nload and iftop to monitor bandwidth utilization on the NUC and those tools are reporting a handful of bytes/second inbound and ~10kbps outbound.

Any ideas on what the issue is? Could my connection be throttled by some settings I have at the OS or software layer? Or could it simply be that the Ethernet port on my NUC is defective?

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