#StackBounty: #c++ #gtkmm How do we add "Spacer"s in GTKmm?

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In Qt if you want widgets in a single layout to be separated physically, you add a spacer in between, do we have something like that in GTKmm?
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Here the label (Gtk::Label m_label;) and the buttons (Gtk::Button m_open_button, m_delete_button;) are in the same box (Gtk::HBox m_control_HBox;):

m_control_HBox.pack_start(m_label, Gtk::PACK_EXPAND_PADDING);
m_control_HBox.pack_start(m_open_button, Gtk::PACK_SHRINK);
m_control_HBox.pack_start(m_delete_button, Gtk::PACK_SHRINK);

I would like the label to be pushed further left while buttons remain in their place. How do I do that?

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