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We have two servers one with internet access(srv1) and the without(srv2), Mongo DB is running on the server which has no internet access(srv2). The only way to access srv2 is via ssh to srv1 and then ssh to srv2 with a key(srv2-key). logging into srv1 also needs a key(srv1-key).

For normal ssh or scp to both the server we use ssh-config file as mentioned below with the help of ProxyJump

Host srv1
     Hostname [srv1-ip]
     User ec2-user
     IdentityFile /location/of/srv1/key.pem

Host srv2
     Hostname [srv2-ip]
     User ec2-user
     ProxyJump srv1                   
     IdentityFile /location/of/srv2/key.pem

The problem being is it possible to use robomongo to connect to the mongo DB which is running on the second server(srv2)

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