#StackBounty: #open-source Looking for a orchestration tool similar to docker-compose, but that runs ordinary processes

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I’m looking for a tool, that could run processes (not containers, without virtualization) in the same fashion as if I would run them in the terminal, except with the ability to put some processes to the background and attach to them later

For example:

having a configuration file like

  command: echo "process1"

  command: echo "process2"

  command: echo "process3"

tool up – would run all 3 processes like, as written in configuration file configuration.yml

[process1]: process1
[process2]: process2
[process3]: process3

tool down – would stop all 3 processes (if they are still running)

tool run process1 – would just run process1
tool run process3 – would run process1 and process2 in background, and process3 in foreground

tool attach process1 – would attach to process1 (if it is still running)

tool log process1 – would show output of process1 till this moment

tool restart process1 – would restart of process1

tool ps – would show list of currently running processes

N.B. tools that are almost what I need, but not exaclty:

  1. tmuxinator – can’t put panes in background, attach to them
  2. ts, task spool – can’t attach to processes
  3. https://www.npmjs.com/package/concurrently – doesnt have ability to run in background and attach

N.B. this question is copy of https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57225817/how-to-orchestrate-processes-in-same-fashion-as-docker-compose-does

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