#StackBounty: #machine-learning #deep-learning #natural-language-process What is the best question generation state of art with nlp?

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I was trying out various projects available for question generation on GitHub namely NQG,question-generation and a lot of others but I don’t see good results form them either they have very bad question formation or the questions generated are off-topic most of the times, Where I found one project that actually generates good questions


It basically accepts a context(paragraph) and an answer to generate the question and I am trying to validate the questions generated by passing the generated question along with the paragraph to allenNLP

Answer generation for a question

And then I am trying to make sure the generated answers are correct for the questions generated with calculating the sentence embedding for both the answers(AllenNLP and PotentialAnswer) using Universal Sentence Encoder and a cosine distance to get how similar the answers match and the filtering question that has least cosine distance.

Wanted to know if this is the best approach or Is there a state of the art implementation for question generation? Please suggest

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