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My electron-react project which I have open sourced here : windows-terminal-tweaker

After running npm run release from the renderer folder , it builds the app in the renderer/dist directory.

The dist/TerminalTweaker directory has all the built files along with the .exe file.

After this I use the electron-windows-store to be able to make my app publish ready. Here is my script for this :

const convertToWindowsStore = require('electron-windows-store')

   containerVirtualization: false,
   inputDirectory: 'dist/TerminalTweaker',
   outputDirectory: 'output',
   packageVersion: '',
   packageName: 'terminalTweaker',
   identityName : '<secretId>' , 
   familyName : '<secretString>' ,
   publisherDisplayName : "Natesh M Bhat" , 
   packageDisplayName: 'Terminal Tweaker',
   packageDescription: 'Tweak your windows terminal to heart's content with this app using its beautiful interface to configure everything about the terminal.',
   packageExecutable: 'dist/TerminalTweaker/Terminal Tweaker.exe',
   publisher: 'CN=<secretString>',
   windowsKit: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\bin\10.0.18362.0\x64',
   finalSay: function () {
     return new Promise((resolve, reject) => resolve())

Now once I get the terminalTweaker.appx , I uploaded this package in windows store app dashboard.

When I submit submission , its getting rejected showing the following error. How do I fix this ?

App Policies: 10.1.1 Icon

Notes To Developer

The available app icons include a default icon. Icons must uniquely represent apps so users associate icons with the appropriate apps and do not confuse one app for another. For information about icons and tiles in Windows apps, see Application Icons and Logos, or for 3D icons for Mixed Reality apps, see
3D app launcher design guidance.

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