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This follows on from a previous question of mine but is different insofar as it specifically concerns Git.

When I clone my Git repo on my serer, it dumps the repo successfully but with CHMOD 0755 and, crucially, an owner/group stat of “0/0”.

(In my previous question I had assumed this was the server’s doing. When I made a folder manually, i.e. mkdir ..., I got the same result, but the answer came that this was because I was doing it as the root user. Changing to the user who owns the CPanel account in question solved the problem.)

However, the problem continues for Git, even though I am running the clone operation as the CPanel user, not root. So:

sudo -u dev -i
echo $USER //<-- "dev"
git clone https://github.com/etc...

What’s weird is that I don’t get this problem if I make a folder via FileZilla, even though FZ is connected as the same user, i.e. dev.

Any help appreciated.

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