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I’m pretty new to the world of neural networks, so I’m asking this question, I’ll explain in the process all the words used in the title so, if there’s something unclear or wrong, I’ll edit the question to solve.

I was watching this video https://youtu.be/WSW-5m8lRMs?t=220 and the author stated that he is using an algorithm called Neat, I looked up on Wikipedia and found out what it’s based on, but I couldn’t find out how to code it, I’m assuming it’s because it’s not easy at all.

I’ve also looked online for how to create one and only found a tutorial on how to use it in python since it’s a library, and that cut off all my hopes to code something like that all by myself.

The AI I want to code is for a game on mobile, so I need to use Dart, (https://www.dartlang.org/) and is to guide NPCs on a map to avoid enemies and survive by let’s say seeking food.
As far as I was able to understand, the neat algorithm takes:

  1. what the player can see
  2. the action it can perform
  3. a performance indicator.

And then it’ll learn to make decisions based on the variables, for example, direct to a food source when the player is hungry or it’ll die. So, the ai will be able to see all the food source locations, the other ais locations, and other things.

For the actions it can perform, he will be able to move in a direction defined as vectors of a maximum length, so for example (3, 7) defined in meters. The performance indicator will be how long the AI was able to survive.

So, the model fits the neat way of working quite well. But I cannot use NEAT or any other libraries, so I need to write that code by myself using maths.

Is this possible? And if it is too hard for a beginner, are there any source to learn from or other examples to look up to?

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