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I had created a service which does the actual play of Rock Paper Scissors.

Below is the service which takes a PlayRequest and updates the State of Player objects given by the PlayerService.

So the consumer of the API knows about winner, loser or tie by doing a GET on a Player.

One of the things I feel wrong NOW is that the method play takes a PlayerRequest but uses it only for two lines, all other work is done from the injected dependencies.

Would appreciate any comments related to State as well as SOLID principles.

public class GameplayService {

  private PlayerService playerService;

  private GameSessionService gameSessionService;

  public GameplayService(GameSessionService gameSessionService, PlayerService playerService) {
    this.gameSessionService = gameSessionService;
    this.playerService = playerService;

  public void play(PlayRequest playRequest) throws RPSException {
    GameSession currentSession = gameSessionService.sessions().get(playRequest.getInviteCode());
    Player player = playerService.changePlayerState(playRequest.getPlayerName(), State.PLAYING);
    try {
      Turn turn = new Turn(player, Enum.valueOf(Move.class, playRequest.getMove()));
      if (currentSession.rounds().isEmpty()) {
        createNewRound(turn, currentSession);
      } else if (!currentSession.rounds().isEmpty()) {
        Round latestRound = currentSession.latestRound();
        if (OVER.equals(latestRound.getState())) {
          createNewRound(turn, currentSession);
        } else if (PLAYING.equals(latestRound.getState())) {
      Round latestRoundAfterAllUpdates = currentSession.latestRound();
      Optional<Result> resultOptional = latestRoundAfterAllUpdates.getResult();
      if (resultOptional.isPresent()) {
        Result result = resultOptional.get();
        if (result.isTie()) {
        } else {
    } catch (InvalidOperationException e) {
      throw new RPSException(e.getMessage());

  private void createNewRound(Turn turn, GameSession gameSession) {
    gameSession.addRound(new Round(turn));


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