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I have written a SRGAN implementation. In the entry point class of the Python program, I declare a function which returns a mean square using the VGG19 model:

# <!--- COST FUNCTION --->
def build_vgg19_loss_network(ground_truth_image, predicted_image):
    loss_model = Vgg19Loss.define_loss_model(high_resolution_shape)
    return mean(square(loss_model(ground_truth_image) - loss_model(predicted_image)))

import keras.losses
keras.losses.build_vgg19_loss_network = build_vgg19_loss_network
# <!--- /COST FUNCTION --->

(Vgg19Loss class shown further below)

As you can see, I have added this custom loss function in the import keras.losses. Why? Because I thought it could solve the following problem…: When I execute the command tflite_convert --output_file=srgan.tflite --keras_model_file=srgan.h5, the Python interpreter raises this error:

raise ValueError(‘Unknown ‘ + printable_module_name + ‘:’ + object_name)
ValueError: Unknown loss function:build_vgg19_loss_network

However, it didn’t solve the problem. Any other solution which could work?

Here is the Vgg19Loss class:

from keras import Model
from keras.applications import VGG19

class Vgg19Loss:
    def __init__(self):

    def define_loss_model(high_resolution_shape):
        model_vgg19 = VGG19(False, 'imagenet', input_shape=high_resolution_shape)
        model_vgg19.trainable = False
        for l in model_vgg19.layers:
            l.trainable = False
        loss_model = Model(model_vgg19.input, model_vgg19.get_layer('block5_conv4').output)
        loss_model.trainable = False
        return loss_model

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