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We have an app that implements essentially this guide exactly:


It’s been great. We’ve had great success and the app has been doing great.

What we have started running into though, is that various large corporations block their internal staff’s web sockets. They return a 403 when we try to upgrade to the web sockets.

I’ve been googling around and just don’t see much for anything in the Apollo community for non web socket subscriptions. Everything guide/article/example is based on web sockets.

Ideally i’d use something like socket.io, that falls back to long polling is a solution I was thinking. But everyone only uses the subscriptions-transport-ws library (we use it). I found a dated lib called subscriptions-transport-sse, but hesitant to try it and my server setup would need a lot of refactoring. We use nestjs and the Apollo GraphQL module.

Has anyone else solved how to fallback to a different transport? I’m really trying to avoid writing my own, but looks like the choices are that or switch to another framework that has it built in?


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