#StackBounty: #linux #graphics #multi-monitor #intel-graphics #dock-station Dual monitor issues Linux Mint Thinkpad Docking station

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The setup

  • T460 thinkpad (Intel HD Graphics) docked with lid closed
    connected to two external monitors one via DVI and the other via HDMI

The problem

  • During boot, up until the login screen both monitors work fine. But as soon as I sign in the monitor connected with the DVI will go blank about %80 of the time.

My workaround solutions to fix this problem

  • Going back to the login screen via CTRL ALT BACKSPACE and signing in again will almost always fix it.
  • Physically removing/reinserting the cable will almost always fix it.


  • When logging in and experiencing the problem the monitor seems to be recognized as I can move my mouse into its resolution, but the monitor claims it is waiting for signal.

When did the problem occur?

  • After moving and going from three to two monitors as well as reinstalling Linux Mint for luks encryption

I’m pretty green when it comes to diagnosing graphical problem. I would be happy to paste logs, but I’m not sure which ones would be helpful. Please let me know which logs might be worth taking a look at, or any other suggestions you may have!

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