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I am trying to SSH to a remote university machine from a library, but I get the error message:

ssh: connect to host remote.machine.edu port 22: Connection refused

I have previously posted about this, and I have also spoken to the network administrator to try to change the port.

The system administrator said:

I have it listening on port 2222, but it looks like that’s being
blocked further upstream.

He said he would try to think of a way around it, but it doesn’t seem like we have a solution currently.

It was suggested to me to SSH over port 443. Is there a reason that 443 would work if 22 or 2222 didn’t?

Any other solutions would also be appreciated.

(The machine is not down).

To clarify:

  • When I SSH to the remote machine everywhere except the library, using the default port (which I guess is 22 from the library error message) it works fine.

  • I’m not sure why the system administrator said he had it listening on port 2222. I assumed that meant that he was trying something different from the 22 that was failing from the library. (Because if it was always 2222, I would NEVER be able to ssh). Either way, he said that it looks like that’s being blocked further upstream.

  • Should I ask him to try to listen on port 443?

  • Is there some different way I can get around the problem?

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