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I have a canvas where I can click to place icons and link those icons with a line, but I can’t manage to get the lines to follow when moving the icon objects. I tried the following, but I can’t manage to lock the ends of the lines to the icon objects.

My effort so far: JSFIDDLE

canvas.on('mouse:move', function (obj) {
var line = canvas.getItemByName('line');
var objEl = canvas.getActiveObject();
var type = objEl.get('type');
var leftEl = objEl.left;
var topEl = objEl.top;

canvas.getObjects().forEach((obj) => {
    var lineX1 = line.get('x1');
    var lineY1 = line.get('y1');
    var lineX2 = line.get('x2');
    var lineY2 = line.get('y2');

    if (lineX1 == leftEl && lineY1 == topEl) {
            x1: leftEl,
            y1: topEl

line.set('opacity', 1);

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