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I recently started using gnus to view my emails. Opening attachments is still the most annoying part for me and I am trying to address that.

The behaviour I would like is: If the attachment is text-based then open in an emacs buffer in the same instance I am using, otherwise open using the system’s xdg-open.

According to
emacswiki, I created a file ~/.mailcap with the single line

    application/*; xdg-open %s

But then this line is just added to the application list in /etc/mailcap, which I have no control over, and I have to select xdg-open in the list that is shown to me every time I try to open an attachment. How can I prevent gnus from reading that file and instead directly open an attachment with xdg-open?

Also, how do I get text files to open in a buffer?

Finally, is there a way to open the attachment without going all the way to the file name in the email? Perhaps by showing a list of attachment and letting me choose one of them?

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