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I’ve been using a CATCHALL alias on my domains for quite some time. And up until now, I have had to type the email-address which I want the reciepent to respond to, manually, in thunderbird.


I gave person A the address personA@mydomain.tld and person B the address personB@mydomain.tld for them to send me emails. For this purpose, I set up the address emails@mydomain.tld and enabled it as the catchall alias for mydomain.tld.

Once I recieve an email from either person A or person B, they arrive as expected in the emails@mydomain.tld inbox. I would like to respond from emails@mydomain.tld and I want person A and person B to reply back to the addresses they got from me initially; these are as mentioned earlier: personA@mydomain.tld and personB@mydomain.tld. Currently, I need to type this information manually by selecting a reply-to address in the reply to email window of Thunderbird.


How can I have thunderbird do this automagically?

Additional information:
I am currently looking into this, and from the account settings, this is where I think I need to make changes (the currently set ${recipient-address}@mydomain.tld does not work).

image of email account settings

I’ve looked around here on superuser, but haven’t found any answers to this issue. There is this question but the answer is not what I am looking for.

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