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I’m working with a client who has a monolithic ASP.NET application as their backend, but also hosts Webpacked JS files for their React.js frontend in the same GIT repo. The obvious problem is that anytime they want to do a frontend release, they have to release and build the entire .NET application along with it, due to the manifest.json that is in the EC2 instance. The idea is that there will also be many versions over many instances, canaried out to different users, going through various levels of post-production testing, etc., standard DevOps CI/CD pipeline with post-production health checks and automated rollbacks. That is the end goal. In the meantime, they need to split their frontend/backend releases apart, which means separate versioning for both. So after much preamble, the question to the community is two-fold:

  1. Has anyone experienced this type of environment and come up with a viable solution?
  2. Does anyone have a good suggestion for how to approach this problem?

Keep in mind that this solution should also expect local development, PR testing, and a blue/green prod setup.

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