#StackBounty: #recovery-mode #installation #system-error Error after error in booting and in recovery mood

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My tablet brand is ASUS and its android’s version is 5.0.1. It shows many error likes Unfortunately com.android.setings has stopped, Unfortunately UI has stopped, Unfortunately Launcher has stopped frequently. Sometimes when I restart it, it doesn’t show my desktop. Also its reset to factory doesn’t works properly (it just reset the time of tablet).

I have cleared the cash and data of setting but errors persists.

So I decided to recover my android. After holding power button and + volume, I chose recover option and it got to the recovery page. after 5-7 second the error appeared with death android icon and just the word “error” as its caption.

How to recover my android? what files I need? What is the adb?

Notice that my (android of) tablet is not longer supported by ASUS Inc. Also I have reset my android to factory setting 1 month ago successfully.

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