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I have troubles with Windows 10 keyboard settings. I wish to keep the only two languages and keyboards:

  • English (United States) – US Keyboard
  • Czech – Czech Keyboard

However, I see the following settings. The list of preferred languages is complete and there appear only 2 languages – these I want:

enter image description here

However, upon restarting, the keyboard is somehow set to 4 keyboards, which is annoying and I want to remove both United Kingdom-based keyboards:

enter image description here

I tried to list all the languages in the PowerShell using the command:


Giving me the following output where only the wanted languages appear correclty:

LanguageTag     : en-US
Autonym         : English (United States)
EnglishName     : English
LocalizedName   : English (United States)
ScriptName      : Latin script
InputMethodTips : {0409:00000409}
Spellchecking   : True
Handwriting     : False

LanguageTag     : cs
Autonym         : čeština
EnglishName     : Czech
LocalizedName   : Czech
ScriptName      : Latin script
InputMethodTips : {0405:00000405}
Spellchecking   : True
Handwriting     : False

However, upon restarting, the United Kingdom variations of the both English and Czech are somehow imported (sometimes one of them).

I have also tried to remove the content of the following Registry folder with no luck:

HKEY_USERS.DEFAULTKeyboard LayoutPreload

How can I fix this issue? My only goal is to remove all languages and keyboards related to the United Kingdom at all.

My Windows version is:

  • Edition: Windows 10
  • Version: 1803 1903
  • Installed on 25/07/18 20/09/19
  • OS build: 17134.885 18362.356

Update 28/09/19: The recent Windows Update didn’t fix the problem.

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