#StackBounty: #linux #windows-10 #installation #uefi #manjaro I can't install Linux (+ Brick, HELP!)

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I’m trying to install Linux in this computer:

  • MB: ASRock Z75 Pro3
  • CPU: I3-3220
  • GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6800
  • RAM: 8GB
  • BIOS: UEFI American Megatrends ICN 2.00, 2013/10/9
  • SMBIOS version: 2.7.
  • SSD with two HDD in RAID as a slave
  • Windows 10

I’ve done the next actions:

  • I disabled SecureBoot
  • I disabled Fastboot
  • I have checked the ISO of Manjaro
  • I made the bootable USB again (Rufus and Etcher) with 3 different USB sticks.
  • I started with restart+shift (win) and selecting the UEFI USB Manjaro installation (and also the Legacy before)
  • I tried with Puppy Linux also and get similar results (when it is loading kernels in the installation process I get a black screen)
  • I tried with Puppy in DD mode (Rufus)
  • I checked that the disk is in a GPT mode
  • I tried with Arcolinux broking the PC (more info below)

All that I get is the Manjaro installation menu, I select languages and Time Zone and then select the Manjaro installation option I get a black screen. In the best results, I could see an Asrock logo for milliseconds on the screen (I think it is after a fast reboot).

Now, after trying to install Arcolinux as @vxp suggested, I have broken my computer. I get a black screen since the very beginning, I can’t see even the BIOS messages.

Any idea?

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