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For several years with Windows 10 I have been using Cortana to find a file by name, and then open the file location in Explorer.

As follows:

  1. In Cortana search box enter “file: partial_filename
  2. Partial results appear quickly
  3. Right-click a result which looks good (typically from the top box)
  4. Cortana provides option “Open file location”
  5. Select that, and the folder opens in Explorer

For several months now the only right-click option has been “Open in Browser”.

Search result gives option to open in Browser

This really bugs me, because the browser is slower for file operations (rename, etc), and I’m stuck with a browser app to open the file.

A possible factor may be that the search results are typically from a cloud location, ie. OneDrive. However they are seen as a local drive on my computer. If Cortana finds a file which is strictly on a local drive then a right-click gives me the option to “Open file location”

enter image description here

It may be that the option was never there for a cloud result, and I’ve only noticed as I’ve shifted all my work to the cloud. But I think the behaviour is more recent than that.

To investigate, I’ve searched for advice on Cortana, its settings and search results, and the typical advice is how to select the browser (Edge or Chrome, etc.) for the search results. The Cortana settings don’t seem to have anything related to this.

How do I restore the old option to open in Explorer?

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