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I’m getting the following new error, when I upgrade WorkManager from “2.2.0” to “2.3.0-rc01”

The error occurs when I’m exporting APK.

C:app: Error: Remove androidx.work.impl.WorkManagerInitializer from your AndroidManifest.xml when using on-demand initialization. [RemoveWorkManagerInitializer]

   Explanation for issues of type "RemoveWorkManagerInitializer":
   If an android.app.Application implements
   the default androidx.work.impl.WorkManagerInitializer needs to be removed
   from the
   AndroidManifest.xml file.

I’m not sure why I didn’t get such error in 2.2.0, as “On-Demand Initialization” is introduced since 2.1.0.

According to https://developer.android.com/topic/libraries/architecture/workmanager/advanced/custom-configuration#remove-default

I’m not kinna sure, whether it is a right thing to include the following in my AndroidManifest.xml.

    tools:node="remove" />

Currently, the following is my Application class.

MyApplication class

public class MyApplication extends MultiDexApplication implements Configuration.Provider {
    private static MyApplication me;

    public void onCreate() {

        me = this;

    public static MyApplication instance() {
        return me;

    public Configuration getWorkManagerConfiguration() {
        return new Configuration.Builder()

How I construct WorkManager

public static WorkManager getWorkManager() {
    MyApplication myApplication = MyApplication.instance();
    if (myApplication == null) {
        // Very rare edge case. Not sure how it happens. But, it happens :)
        return WorkManager.getInstance();
    } else {
        return WorkManager.getInstance(myApplication);

It seems that there is rare chance that “Default initialization” (WorkManager.getInstance()) is being executed too, when the Application class is null.

I can easily eliminate error during APK exporting, by including the following provider. But, is that a right thing to to so?

    tools:node="remove" />

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