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we have a custom system and I was wondering if there are available analogs we can switch to.

Our system runs various language agnostic test suites against each node of given role. Each test process simply gets target node IP and some values and returns test results in specific format as output.

Questions are:

  • What is the proper term for such system?
  • Are there any known solutions like this?
  • Are there any best practices we can onboard while switching?

Simplified schema

Wanted features are:

  • Web frontend to configure, trigger executions and check results
  • Schedulled executions
  • Smart alert triggering
    (something like “more than 5 nodes failed the test” or “3 runs in a row had failed tests”)
  • Language agnostic tests
    (we have SDKs and and helper libraries using different languages, which we are also under test)
  • Custom service discovery support
    (basically we want to provide test configuration with role name and scheduller should fetch the list of nodes)

Thanks in advance!

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