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I have an error icon that keeps showing up on by desktop (Ubuntu 19.10) at first I thought it was due to a key being pressed. Next, I thought my computer was being hacked.At this point I am completely clueless as to why this happening as I have applied fixes for all of my theories and the issue is still here. This started happening right after I tried installing a pinyin keyboard through fticx. I’ve since purged anything that has to do with a keyboard from my computer.

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When I’m typing all of a sudden this icon shows up and I’m unable to type for seconds at a time. After the hiccup, the keys I pressed DONT appear. While it is frozen I can still use the mouse. I’m not getting any keystrokes when monitoring it and I cant match the event to any system, auth, or journald logs.

Completely baffled here. Can anyone give more information as to what this kind of error icon could indicate is wrong with my machine, or how I can figure out what it is, or how I can fix it?

[EDIT]: I was able to prevent the icon from appearing by disabling my keyboard, proving that it is a keyboard issue. Can anyone advise on how to reset my keyboard settings to the defaults. Keep in mind I have already tried resetting dconfig GNOME and ubuntu-desktop and this issue persists. Where might I find stray files or config files that would be the source of this issue?

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