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I need to build a ViewModel for my Layout’s Web Application, I have tried this solution but it’s not based on a URL’s Id coming from the URL to generate the Layout’s ViewModel.

I tried this but I first had the not existing empty controller error, then I tried to include the id as a parameter but I get the error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” because the LayoutColorRGB is not set.

public MobileController(int id)
    Event model = db.Events.Where(s => s.Id == id).FirstOrDefault();

    LayoutVM = new LayoutVM()
        EventId = model.Id,
        LayoutColorRGB = model.LayoutColorRGB,
        SponsorLogoLink = model.SponsorLogoLink,
        SponsorLogoURL = model.SponsorLogoURL

    ViewData["LayoutVM"] = LayoutVM;

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