#StackBounty: #mariadb #amazon-rds Why isn't there a character-set-client-handshake RDS parameter for MariaDB 10.2 or 10.3?

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MariaDB has a parameter, –character-set-client-handshake, that can allow you to specify that the server should ignore the character set being specified by a client connecting.

On RDS, when you create a parameter group for a MariaDB v10.1 instance, this parameter is available for customization. But on v10.2 and v10.3 parameter groups, it is NOT present.

This parameter is also not present on the RDS list of MariaDB parameters not supported by MariaDB.

Searches for this have yielded no info.. can i be the only one that is looking for the character-set-client-handshake parameter for MariaDB v10.2 on RDS?

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