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Edit: I have checked for duplicates. There is no post on this website or on Google that matches my problem. Try it for yourself, it’s a Windows feature and not a bug or an error. I have tried various machines, running win7 and win10, and they all exhibit the same flashing window when you click outside of its active area.

Edit 2: Happens in any program. Windows Settings, Illustrator, you name it.
As long as it is a focused window that requires confirmation before being able to close.
It is not always blinking, only when you click outside of the window.

In Windows 10, while in a focused window that require confirmation before being closed, clicking outside the window causes the title bar of the window to rapidly flash with a high contrast color a few times, to warn the user that there’s still a window open.

Is there a way to disable this flashing behavior? I don’t mind having a window open that requires confirmation to close, I just really don’t like the flashing title bar effect.

I have deliberately not embedded this image since it contains flashing imagery.

I think this is particularly annoying and should maybe just flash once, or, warn the user in another, less intrusive way. Or, at least provide a setting to disable the effect. I’m aware it’s meant to draw attention, it just seems a bit overkill for the problem at hand.
It might also be an issue to users with photosensitive epilepsy.

What I’ve tried:
There is a setting under Ease of Access related to “Show audio alerts visually” but that is toggled off and likely does not affect the title bar flashing.
I’ve looked through Settings and was unable to find any option related to title bar flashing.

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