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Most of the time when i add a new custom list inside SharePoint online, its New & Edit forms will need to be customized, the customization falls into these main categories:-

  1. Certain fields to be disabled depending on other field. For example, if status = close, then the title and description should be disabled,and so on.

  2. cascading lists.

now in SharePoint on-premises (mainly 2013), i use to add a script web part inside the New/Edit list forms and write those using javascript/jquery. and if i need to do server-side checking (for example to make sure that no one modify a title for closed item), then i will write an item updating event receiver to do the check and cancel the update if needed.

but in SharePoint online, i thought that we will have other approaches to customize the lists’ forms, mainly Modern UI and Power-app, but those have these main drawbacks:-


  1. some SharePoint features are not currently supported, for example you can not add a picture inside a multi-line of text fields.
  2. if you have a multi-line of text field with “Append changes to existing text” enabled, then the old appended text will not be shown inside the edit form.

Modern Ui.
they can not be customized by their own..

so most of the time i ended up using the classic UI + script editor + remote event receiver, to implement our business logic inside sharepoint online lists.

any advice on this?

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