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I have indexing setup on Windows 10 (build 18363.693) to include 4 different drives, and the index itself is stored on a separate drive.

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I am attempting to set up the index to no longer be on this drive, and move to a different drive, however, I am running into one major roadblock. In the control panel, when I attempt to change the location of the index, I get the following error message:

enter image description here

I am on a personal machine, that should not have any group policy changed from default (as the machine is not domain bound), and I have not made any recent changes that should have enacted this policy to take effect.

What I find odd is that in the Windows Registry, the path to my current index shows as C:ProgramDataMicrosoftSearchNewData, even though the index is currently being stored on drive G:. Along with this, in control panel, the current location of the index is not shown:

enter image description here

What I have tried so far:

  • Resetting all policies in gpedit.msc back to default – meaning ‘Not configured’ and running gpupdate

  • My user account should be admin, but just in-case I opened control panel from an administrative shell – still no luck

I would appreciate any guidance, as the search index appears to no longer be functioning correctly, and as such, I cannot search windows in any way shape or form.

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