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I’m trying to get the ENS for addresses, so I thought initially to use the ENS on web3

from ens import ENS
import web3 as w3
provider = w3.HTTPProvider('https://mainnet.infura.io/v3/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX')
w3 = w3.Web3(provider)
ns = ENS.fromWeb3(w3)
kraken_address = '0x267be1C1D684F78cb4F6a176C4911b741E4Ffdc0'

However, even for a widely known address such as Kraken this is returning nothing.

So I went to Etherscan Name Service Lookup, still there the Kraken name is not showing when feeding the address above. Any idea, how can one programatically get these public name tags (those that are shown on etherscan) when you directly look up an address, such as the case here public_name_tag?
Is webscrapping the only solution?

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