#StackBounty: #woocommerce #database Share users and WooCommerce memberships between two installations

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I have a membership site (let’s call it mainsite.com) using woocommerce memberships to protect certain pages.

I wish to create a second wordpress site (sub.mainsite.com) which uses the same wp user tables as the main site so signing up/logging into mainsite.com also registers/logs them into sub.mainsite.com.

This is fairly straight forward as per this article as both are on the same server https://trickspanda.com/wordpress-share-users-login/

However, I want the second site to also have woocommerce membership to protect certain pages.

Is it possible / how can I set up the second site so that this site’s install of the membership plugin reads the main site’s wc_membership tables (and does not create their own tables) therefore allowing memberships to be synced across both sites?

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