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I got an xbox Elite v2 controller

I followed this technique (as originally seen here) : Xbox One controller Ubuntu 18.04
…to get the controller running.

The technique seems to be a functional solution for Xbox One S and Xbox One X controllers so I assumed it would function for the elite controller. And for the most part, I was correct.

Here are the steps I took, in order :

sudo apt install -y sysfsutils
echo '/module/bluetooth/parameters/disable_ertm=1' | sudo tee /etc/sysfs.conf
sudo reboot

I then turned on my elite controller and started scanning on it and from my computer and successfully paired the two.

This resulted in my controller being fully functional (and via bluetooth!).

I then wanted to change the default mappings on the buttons on the underside. For that, I had to go into windows and run the “xbox accessories” app which first updated my controller before I could map.

I successfully mapped what I wanted but now back in ubuntu the connection is less functional for the controller’s triggers specifically, seemingly as a result of the update to the controller’s firmware :

  1. The right trigger sends no input.
  2. The left trigger inputs as a right trigger
  3. left trigger input is received by the computer constantly from the moment the controller is paried to the moment it is unpaired.
  4. the “View button” (left of X/home) sends no input

How do I fix this?

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