#StackBounty: #android How to sync times of two devices with Android NTP?

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We have 2 android devices running same application that users see their GUI. Time synchronization is curicial for us. To make them have same time we have the settings as below.

Use these commands in boot and after every 5 minutes but it seems after 8 9 hours of uptime two android devices have different times with respect to their seconds.

busybox watch -n 1 date

DEVICE 1: (Android 6 Marshmallow) 2020-03-10 09:16:33

DEVICE 2: (Android 6 Marshmallow)
2020-03-10 09:16:38

settings put global ntp_server pool.ntp.org
settings put global auto_time 0
settings put global auto_time 1

After that we also tried below commands but not worked

settings put global ntp_polling_interval 10
settings put global ntp_pollinginterval 10
settings put global ntppollinginterval 10

Any suggestions?

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