#StackBounty: #rsa #voting #blind-signature #blinding What is blindness and forgeability in chaum blind signature scheme?

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I am going through the voting protocols. I know how blind signature works (Blind Signature), but why is blind signature – unconditionally ”blind”, conditionally ”unforgeable” (as highlighted in the following paragraph). How do you define blindness and unforgeability? Please explain. If possible give an illustration.

There is a possibility of guaranteeing the anonymity of voting unconditionally by means of conventional, i.e. classical cryptography, based on mathematical encryption. The corresponding voting protocol is based on the principle of ”sender untraceability”, meaning such a communication scheme, where the recipient of several messages from several senders cannot determine which message came from which sender. Such a communication can be realized with unconditional security in the sense that the recipient is unable to establish any relation between the messages and the senders, even being in possession of infinite computational power. However, the very property of untraceability creates, in the case of voting, an additional problem of determining which ballots come from legal voters, since illegal participants can send ballots in an untraceable way. This problem is solved by a special ”ballot issuing” protocol (based on the technique of ”blind signature”) providing each legal voter with an ”unforgeable” and ”blind” digital ballot, which is used for sending a vote. The term ”unforgeable” means that the ballot cannot be cloned, while the term ”blind” means that the ballots are in no way related to the identities of legal voters. The ballots in the ballot issuing protocol are unconditionally ”blind” but only conditionally ”unforgeable”, that is a person in possession of rich enough computational power is able to vote instead of legal voters. Thus, the property of ”non-exaggeration” is realized by the overall voting protocol in a conditional way only.

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