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Since people are not reading my post, BIG PREFACE :


(the one you guys keep linking to without reading) : https://askubuntu.com/a/1078159/307184

does not work.

for one:

  1. the devs have stopped posting builds there. they used to post bimonthly, the last post and build dates back to a year. it is critically out of date.

for two:

  1. it is not the prefered and recomended install method for linux/ubuntu by the unity devs. they prefer we use the unity hub.


I actually already referenced this one with my video link in the original version of my question.

here’s the video link


and here the associated stackoverflow response in the same exact thread :

by the same guy since the stackoverflow and source he links names match and since the ubuntu desktop cusomisations are exactly the same in the youtube video and the gif.

This guy has got the right idea!! if a developer makes a native solution for you, you try that first.

but as you can see in his stackoverflow answer and video: things have changed even more still since the release of that launcher.

the launcher is no longer missing any dependencies pre-launch, it runs out-of-the-box on a vanilla ubuntu 19.10 with nothing else changed. that’s one difference. also it looks and behaves nothing alike visually.

it’s a v2.

and it does have it’s own quirks. some very breaking changes if you’ll be so kind as to read on…


what is the method today?


I try to use the “Unity Hub” which is the recommended (and only?) method to instal unity on ubuntu.

I first have to add a license, then I have to set the download folder (which is ignored since it downloads to /tmp anyways)

then I have to select and download a unity version :

choose a unity version to download

downloading unity

once the download finishes it looks like this :

no result

if I, at this point, choose the project tab and hit “new” it still rejects me :

no editor installed, please install unity before creating a project

If I try to open the folder I find in /tmp; “unityhub-9fbe5a20-6305-11ea-bdba-858cc54fd2fc”
with what seems like the right set of files : “Unity.tar.xz”, “UnitySetup-Linux-IL2CPP-Support-for-Editor-2020.1.0a25.tar.xz”, ect… then it just adds a new item named after the grandparent of that item (if I select “/tmp/unityhub-9fbe5a20-6305-11ea-bdba-858cc54fd2fc/Unity.tar.xz” it will be called “tmp”, and I can no longer add another item from the entire /tmp tree because itt considers that it is the “same item”. if I rename the folder and move it to “~/Documents” and open “~/Documents/unityEngine/Unity.tar.xz”, the item in the list will be called “Documents”) :

locate result

If I then try creating a new project, the window opens up but :

create new project

… upon clicking “create” I get a contentless error message box and from there on out the app bugs out and becomes more or less unresponsive and must be closed by force :

error box and crash
the three error windows

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