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Implemented Spring’s AbstractRoutingDatasource by dynamically determining the actual DataSource based on the current context.
Refered this article : https://www.baeldung.com/spring-abstract-routing-data-source.

Here on spring boot application start up . Created a map of contexts to datasource objects to configure our AbstractRoutingDataSource. All these client context details are fetched from a database table.

    public DataSource routeDataSource() {

        RoutingDataSource routeDataSource = new RoutingDataSource();

        DataSource defaultDataSource = (DataSource) applicationContext.getBean("dataSource");

        List<EstCredentials> credentials = LocalDataSourcesDetailsLoader.getAllCredentails(defaultDataSource); // fetching from database table


        Map<Object, Object> targetDataSources = new HashMap<>();

        for (Credentials credential : credentials) {
                    (DataSource) applicationContext.getBean(credential.getEstCode().toString()));

        return routeDataSource;

The problem is if i add a new client details, I cannot get that in routeDataSource. Obvious reason is that these values are set on start up.

How can I achieve to add new client context and I had to re intialize the routeDataSource object.

Planning to write a service to get all the client context newly added and reset the routeDataSource object, no need to restart the server each time any changes in the client details.

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