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I am looking for simple solution to add Open in Chrome to Firefox menu, similar to the, already existing, open in new window. I am using Firefox 68.4 on Debian Buster.

I found some extensions in the official Firefox store:


but these don’t work, I get this error:

An error has occured! please make sure native-client patch is installed on your machine

I don’t understand why I need to install some node.js monstrosity from github. The zip file for linux is 20 MB, and i am not even sure what the install.sh script does.

This does not look right. Why should all this be necessary for the trivial task of opening link in another browser. This looks to me like something is extremely badly designed, either on the browser side, or on the extension.

Why is it so complicated to add “open in chrome” in the right-click menu in firefox?

Is there any easier way to do it than described above ?

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