#StackBounty: #linux #mouse #touchpad #lenovo-laptop #xubuntu Where can I investigate session-only spontaneous mouse failure?

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On my Lenovo S340 Ideapad with Xubuntu 19.10, I’m having a strange issue with my touchpad, apparently a ‘MSFT0001:02 04F3:304B Touchpad’ using a Synaptics driver. For no reason that I can find, the touchpad sometimes loses its ability to move the mouse. Despite this:

  • The touchpad can still left-click and right-click.
  • The keyboard works as normal.
  • The mouse works fine on the lock screen (reached via the terminal); issues only return after an unlock.
  • Logging out and back in fixes the problem.
  • No method of disabling and renabling the touchpad that I know of fixes the problem. For example, I’ve had no success with sudo modprobe psmouse, sudo modprobe -r psmouse, or the otherwise-working Fn+F6.
  • Of what is listed here, I have not tried sudo rmmod psmouse or installing the Synaptics program.
  • To memory, gestures still work.
  • I know of no gestures that could cause this.

Where can I investigate this problem further? Is there a less extreme temporary solution than logging out?

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