#StackBounty: #linux #virtualbox #virtual-machine #qemu #wayland How to display 3D Wayland inside a virtual machine?

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I’d like to try Wayfire—a 3D Wayland compositor—inside a virtual machine.

What are the options and requirements to make a virtual machine that can display a Wayland compositor with 3D acceleration?

I think VirtualBox is supposed to display 3D with Wayland using the VMSVGA but 3D was disabled in 5.2.22 and it is unclear if it was re-enabled ever since. My environment failed to start the DRM session with VirtualBox 6.0.18 but this might be due to other issues.

I also stumbled upon the Virgil 3D project for 3D inside QEMU guests. I am unfamiliar with QEMU and did not try it yet. Is it also suited for 3D Wayland?

Finally, what are the requirements for the host platform (kernel, driver…)? I am currently using an Ubuntu 18.04 system with the i915 driver.

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