#StackBounty: #python #cluster-analysis #data-science #hypertools How to Reproduce Hypertools Clusters Identified from Hypertools.plot

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Hypertools seems like a great toolset for analyzing some high dimensional data quickly.

In particular, you can take some data, throw it in hypertools.plot(...) and get something nice looking out.

However, I’m having trouble reproducing the groups afterward.

In theory, hypertools.plot(data, reduce="alg", cluster="alg2") should be roughly equivalent to:

data = np.array(...)
reduced = hypertools.analyze(data, reduce="alg")
labels = hypertools.cluster(reduced, cluster="alg2")
hypertools.plot(reduced, hue=labels)

But I’m seeing wildly different labels from the step-by-step approach compared to hypertools.plot(...).

Is there a way to get the same clusters out without plotting? Can I extract the clusters from the return value of hypertools.plot(..) (not preferred as sometimes my Python doesn’t realize the plot has been closed so the return value is never realized)?

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