#StackBounty: #xubuntu #suspend #live-usb #ssd #19.10 Why would a suspend issue exist on an installed OS but not its Live Disk?

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I’m trying to fix a strange suspend problem on Xubuntu 19.10. I was recently advised to test if this was a Xubuntu-only issue by trying the Live Disks for others OSs to see if the problem persisted there. In what turned out to be a smart move, I first tried the same Live Disk that Xubuntu 19.10 OS was installed from (in this case, a USB stick). To my surprise, the suspend issue exists on the installed OS but not the Live Disk.

How could this happen? To my knowledge, I’ve made no relevant changed to Xubuntu’s settings – after all, I’ve had this problem since installing – and aside from not having mounted the SSD that holds the Xubuntu installation, I know of almost nothing that would be used by the Live Disk in a way different to that of the real installation. My only guesses are as follows:

1) Some Xubuntu update that my real installation has that my Live Disk does not is causing the problem.

2) There is some issue with my SSD.

Are there any other alternatives? Where can I investigate the possibilities?

Note: This question isn’t for solving the suspend problem – that would be a near duplicate of the linked question. My interest here is specifically in how I can have a problem on an installation that is not on its Live Disk.

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