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I’d like to typeset 5 rows x 2 cols of equations. I’d like the equation number to be automatically incremented for the rows. For the columns, I’d like to automatically append a) and b) to the row’s equation number. Is this possible?

I have tried to visualise my desired output in the ascii text below

Reference case   Modified Case
--------------   -------------
a = k b   (1a)   a' = 3 b.  (1b)
x = y^k   (2a)   y' = y^0.5 (2b)
z = e^(k) (3a)   z' = e^1.1 (3b)

Additionally, all the = signs within each column need to be vertically aligned. As a bonus, it would be great if the code is flexible to handle 2-4 columns with automatic column suffixes b), c) and d) correctly applied. For the moment, I am happy with a $5 times n$ equation-grid, but ideally, this numbering scheme should work across page-breaks to facilitate extension to multiple pages.

How can this be achieved?. I am happy to accept a LuaTeX solution if that is what it takes.

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