#StackBounty: #cron #console #ruby-on-rails-5 #sidekiq #worker How do I view my sidekiq console output locally using the default queue?

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I’m using Rails 5. I would like to create a sidekiq process running locally using the default queue. My worker class looks roughly like the below …

module Accounting::Workers
  class FileGenerationWorker
    include Sidekiq::Worker

    def perform
      print "starting work ...n"

I have set up my config/sidekiq.yml file like so, in hopes of running the worker daily at a specific time (11:05 am) …

:concurrency: 20
  - default
    cron: "0 5 11 * *"
    queue: default

However, when I start my rails server (“rails s”), I don’t see my print statement output to the console or any of the work performed, which tells me my worker isn’t running. What else am I missing in order to get this worker scheduled properly locally?

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