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I followed This Thread, but I as I have not fully understood the answer in my case, I would like to post again.

I am using EventSource in my Front-End and the Backend is using echo event to stream data relatively to a drone to my application.

var source = new EventSource(`blabla:3000/sse?channel=myProject${projectID}`);
source.addEventListener(`myDrone${droneID}`, function(e){
    console.log('Received an update message:', e.data);

In the backend, by default nothing is streaming, and a user on connection will request to the backend to start emitting events. This call is secured using jwt_token. So to make the server start stream, a token is needed.

The question I have is, when a server is already streaming.

Let’s say I am a not connected (so no valid token), and I decided to connect to the SSE stream because I know the channel name and the server is already streaming. If I start a new EventSource on blabla:3000/sse?channel=myProject${projectID}. Would I still be able to see all of the message sent trough this channel? I believe that yes.

How is it possible to secure those event streamed to be only on registered user ?

Ex : (read from top to bottom)

enter image description here

How can I prevent a user that know the channelName to receive all the event stream by the server ?

Since the front end and backend are hosted on the same domain at the moment, but this might change, so I need a broad answer.

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