#StackBounty: #networking #network-manager #vpn #19.10 #openvpn How to whitelist / blacklist certain urls not to use VPN connection?

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I’m in homeoffice and while I have set up a stable VPN connection through the Network Manager, its speed is very limited. I have a 1 GBit connection at home, while the VPN connection at the moment only offers 10 MBit.

While certain services have to go through VPN connection, most of the traffic could bypass it just fine as all the VPN would do is to only slow things down. (I’m looking esp. at public data-intensive services like downloading images from the official docker hub or npm registry. Yet just for the sake of setting it up, let’s take a service like fast.com.)

How can I whitelist certain websites to make use of the VPN connection or blacklist other sites not to use the VPN connection?

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