#StackBounty: #google-search Google search for my full name showing irrelevant results – how to remove?

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When I search my full name (very unique), and scroll down all the way to the bottom of the 1st page, it shows links to 2 prisoner’s information in the county that I live in, but I’m not affiliated with them at all nor does any part of my name show up in either of these links, so I’m quite confused why Google is showing these 2 links when Google searching for my full name.

I tried requesting for the link to be removed from the Google request removal tool, and it shows it as removed, but it still shows up in Google searches. I also had a friend search me and he sees it too.

In addition, typically, I see a few lines of text under the link when I google search that shows the keywords in bold. For example, like the following highlighted part of the image where searched for “first last”:


But in the 2 links associated with the prisoner, there is no text under the link. It’s just white space.

I don’t want a search for my name leading to a prison website. Does anyone have experience with removing links from showing up in a google search, or is it even possible?

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