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I have two objects a parent (red) and a child (blue). The parent object is fixed and can’t be moved, only the child object is movable and the child is always bigger than the parent. In whatever way the child object is moved it should always be contained inside the child, which means we should never see the red rectangle.

enter image description here

Demo: https://codesandbox.io/s/force-contain-of-object-inside-another-object-fabric-js-7nt7q

I know there are solutions to contain an object within the canvas or other object boundaries (ex. Move object within canvas boundary limit) which mainly force the top/right/bottom/left values to not exceed the parent values, but here we have the case of two rotated objects by the same degree.

I have a real-life scenario when a user uploads a photo to a frame container. The photo is normally always bigger than the frame container. The user can move the photo inside the frame, but he should not be allowed to create any empty spaces, the photo should always be contained inside the photo frame.

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